Organize your roller rides

Want to let off steam, have a good time, and see the city with new eyes? Maybe a roller ride in your area pass near your house!

The RandoRoller iPhone application is dedicated to every skaters who wants to freely join the roller rides, and also to spectators, motorists, taxis...

RandoRoller features the rides for which organizers have received official authorization of the public authorities, in Paris and near Paris (Pari Roller, Rollers & Coquillages, CS Brétigny Roller), in barcelona (ES), in london (GB), in lyon (FR) and soon in other cities.

Import the event into your personal calendar and notify your participation on your Facebook profile.

Follow the path

Access the ride’s details: path, list of streets, locations of break points and the weather forecasts (temperatures, wind, chance of rain).

The path is featured on an interactive map where you can view the current location of the procession in real time, locate yourself on the map and locate points of interest such as water fountains, public toilets, skating shops nearby.

You can review the rides you liked up to six months in the past.

And so much more

RandoRoller provides you with tips about how the rides take place and what equipment to choose, and also information about the organizers.

For the moment the application is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Should you have any feedback, please email us at